Compact series

Compact C2 – C16

Passat Compact magazine boiler is a complete unit consisting of boiler, control and magazine.
Depending on which model you choose, it comes with power from 11kw to 199kw.
Everything in the Compact boiler is exactly matched and insulated so that the heat loss is minimal.

Combustion technique

The compact boiler is fitted with a microprocessor control, which with the help of oxygen probe ensures optimum combustion and heating economy in variable heat demand.
The boiler's fuel reservoir has a built-in sensor and nozzle, which provides water in the event of a back burn.
The plant complies with all boiler regulations in Denmark and is approved in accordance with the stringent requirements of EU EN 303-5 (2013) class 5.
Compact kedlen C2 – C16 kan anvende de fleste granulerede og tørre biobrændsler, såsom flis, træpiller, korn og diverse granulater.

Accessories - included

Oxygen control

For optimum combustion, the Compact boiler is equipped with oxygen control.
This continuously adjusts the ratio between the amount of fuel and the combustion air, depending on the heat consumption.
Thus achieving an optimal, environmentally friendly combustion and a high efficiency.

Axle outlet - Soot blowing

The soot blower is located in the boiler door and comes with control and compressor.
It works with compressed air, which means that all deposits in the boiler and heat exchanger are removed continuously and efficiently.

Cleaning Tools

The hand crank is used for manual cleaning of the tube battery by turning the spirals (turbolators) in the convection part.
You can also use the Drill with the use of brackets, instead of hand cranking. Ash scraper is used to empty the combustion chamber when you want to turn off the boiler.

Installation of the Compact boiler

The efficient combustion management has meant that Compact bio boilers are installed with pressure expansion.
Installations must be located and installed in accordance with Passat's regulations with a thermostatic boiler hunt, otherwise the warranty on the Compact boiler will lapse.

Automatic filling

Automatic filling ensures filling from external silo / storage.
The automatic filling system for the Passat Compact boilers makes firing with different biofuel granules more comfortable.
The fuel is automatically fed to the magazine when the built-in level sensor gives this signal. Passat's automatic filling system is especially recommended in combination with Compact boilers with high performance, or with high heat consumption.

Compact C2 400 L

– Kan modulere driften fra 6,3 kw – 23,9 kw.
– Pausefyre
– Virkningsgrad 91 %
– Er som standard monteret med iltstyring
– Kan fyre med træpiller i str. 6 og 8 mm.
– Vandinhold 60 liter 
– Rørtilslutning 1″
– Hedeflade 2,5 m2
– Prøvetruk/Arbejdstryk 4/2,5 bar 
– El-forbrug 145 W
– Anbefalet min. skorsten Ø150 indv. mm.

Compact C4 400 L

– Kan modulere driften fra 12,2 kw – 42,3 kw.
– Pausefyre
– Virkningsgrad 92 %
– Er som standard monteret med iltstyring
– Kan fyre med træpiller i str. 6 og 8 mm.
– Vandinhold 110 liter
– Rørtilslutning 1″
– Hedeflade 4 m2
– Prøvetruk/Arbejdstryk 4/2,5 bar
– El-forbrug 145 W
– Anbefalet min. skorsten Ø175 indv. mm.