About Passat Energy

More than 50 years of customer satisfaction

For more than 50 years we have offered our products in both Denmark and abroad.
We have found that our customers satisfaction, is not only due to good products, but equally the counseling service and the commitment that they experience, from us.

We have gained much of this knowledge, through the many tasks we have solved in close cooperation with customers and installers. A knowledge that is ever-evolving.
We know what it takes to solve the job correctly and efficiently

Results do not come by themselves, it requires effort, which is acknowledged by all our employees. They work focused and determined for our customers,with emphasis on our values: trust - quality - know how - people and engagement.

With a wide product range and fast delivery, we can promise you a first class logistics. Proven procedures for orders, our internal warehouse management and transportation choices ensures optimal supplies.

A collaboration with the Passat Energy offers many opportunities, product selection, advice, services and trade form.

Mission and Vision for Passat Energy


Company mission

Our mission is to successfully develop, provide and offer high quality biofuel boilers. Including offering system solutions for heating purposes, while aiming to actively contribute to a better global environment.


Company Vision

- Our customers continue to recognize us as one of the leading manufacturers and partners when it comes to supplying and offering biofuel boilers of the highest quality in terms of function, efficiency, reliability, quality and environmental friendliness.
- The surrounding community views Passat Energy with respect and recognition as a result of our tradition of producing quality products with a sense of responsibility towards legislation and the environment, as well as in relation to the people whose lives and conditions we otherwise influence.

Passat Energy main goals

To deliver the best and most cost efficient solutions
To be an innovative partner
To analyse, develop and offer the simplest and most reliable solution
To have good and strategic suppliers that makes it possible to always secure delivery of the very best solution
To grow together with our clients
Create exciting new jobs that eliminate monotonous and tedious work.
Create individual solutions that improve customer capacity, efficiency and profitability
Create a fast and efficient implementation of the delivery - from the first visit to the customer until the solution is taken into use
in daily producion

Passat Energy history

In the mid-1970s, the company expanded its business base in the energy sector and began developing a range of solid-fuel boilers for burning straw, wood chips and firewood.

This quickly became a success and resulted in the company gaining momentum in the energy sector.
Over the past 25 years the company has manufactured and sold 70,000 combustion plants, of which 50,000 plants in Denmark.
Our products have always been groundbreaking and we are constantly striving to be among the best boiler manufacturers in Europe.

In 1991, the well-known Compact boiler was added to the range, thus expanding the product range. From the beginning, the compact boiler has been a great success.

Facilites and core years of history

Passat Energy today has approx. 1000 m2 total production area.

Passat Energy was established in 1958 by Uffe Pedersen. The company was then called Ørum Maskinfabrik.

In 1961 the company moved to address: Vestergade 36, Ørum, 8830 Tgele. At the same time, it changed its name to Ørum Passat Maskinfabrik.
Here, gas / oil furnaces and grain drying plants were produced.

In 1971, the oil crisis hit Denmark, and Uffe Pedersen, in collaboration with his brother Willy Pedersen, designed the first biofuel boiler.
The same year Willy Pedersen joined the company. On this occasion, the company changed its name to Passat Energy.
The name comes from the warm wind blowing at the Equator, namely the Passat wind. In particular, the company focused on country properties that used straw to fire.

In 2017, the company moved to its current address: Industrivej 24, Ørum 8830 Tjele.

I dag ejes Passat Energy ApS af virksomheden HH-energy ApS, som er ejet af to tidligere Passat Energi medarbejdere.