Ventum series

Solid fuel boilers


The new generation Ventum series is a giant leap in gasification technology that makes them the fastest-selling boilers in their class across Europe. It is designed to be efficient, economical and protect the environment.
The ventum boilers are available from 20kW to 60kW and are easy to operate with their large firing openings and easily accessible cleaning options of both flue and ash.

Animated video of a Ventum

Here is how a ventum achieves its high efficiency of up to 92% and how to easily clean the flues.


The reason to choose a Ventum

As a single boiler or integrated with other heating systems, Ventum gasification boiler is fully adaptable.

Combined with a buffer tank, efficiency and performance are further increased. Thereby lower fuel consumption.

∙ Independently adjustable primary and secondary combustion air
∙ Functional and user-friendly control panel
∙ Modulating smoke extractor
∙ Vertical heat exchanger tubes with turbulators
∙ Easy cleaning
∙ Specially designed refractory stones
∙ The bypass channel is bigger than ever.
∙ The door switch detects if the door is open so that the smoke extractor is running at full capacity
∙ The boiler's design makes it easy to transport with a forklift and pallet truck
∙ Long service life with robust structure
∙ Approved for pressure expansion
∙ Large combustion chamber with firewood up to 70 cm
∙ Large collection tray for removing ash

Ventum 20kW

– Dimensioner på brandkammer 38/50/40 cm.
- Required accumulation tank min. 1000L
– Dimensioner 65/106/116,5 cm.

– Vejledende udsalgspris: 26.499,- incl. moms

Ventum 30kW

– Dimensioner på brandkammer 38/50/50 cm.
- Required accumulation tank min. 1500L
– Dimensioner 65/106/131,5 cm.

– Vejledende udsalgspris: 28.999,- incl. moms

Ventum 40kW

– Dimensioner på brandkammer 38/50/60
- Required accumulation tank min. 2000L
– Dimensioner 65/106/141,5 cm.

– Vejledende udsalgspris: 32.999,- incl. moms  

Ventum 60kW

– Dimensioner på brandkammer 38/70/64
- Required accumulation tank min. 3000L
– Dimensioner 65/136/146,5 cm.

– Vejledende udsalgspris: 37.999,- incl. moms