Service and emergency call

Service on pellet and solid fuel boilers

Service phone: +45 86 65 21 00
Or contact our servicecentre

Emergency phone: +45 40 42 19 03
Note DKK 500,- incl. VAT to use this number

Service centers

Call in and hear more about what Passat Energy can offer you.

Passat Energy ApS offers 24 hours of service 365 days a year.

Prices for service: DKK 656.25 (incl. VAT) per. hour.
Prices for driving: DKK 493,75 (excluding VAT) per hour

Prices for Km. invoiced.
Prices at KM Jylland / Fyn: DKK 231.25 (incl. VAT) per visit.
Prices at KM Sjælland: DKK 356.25 (incl. VAT) per visit.

We operate from the following address:
Industrivej 24
8830 Tjele, Danmark

For urgent calls, it costs DKK 1,875 (including VAT)
+ double working wage.
even though it should be a warranty case.

Vi kan desværre ikke stille garenti for at vi rykker ud med det samme, men vi bestræber os på altid at være til rådighed.

Planned service

A guy works many hours a year, and for it to perform optimally, Passat Energy recommends a regular overhaul.
According to the law, there are currently no requirements for inspection, but the lighthouse must be cleaned, adjusted and inspected at least once a year to function optimally.
Remember that a guy who's cleaned and adjusted has less consumption.
Good maintenance, along with a regular service results in a well-functioning furnace.
It benefits both the purse and the environment with regular service.
The risk of downtime, with unpleasant temperature drops in your house, is reduced.

You can arrange an annual inspection by contacting Passat Energy.
We offer to call you when a year has passed since your last service visit, so you don't have to remember to make an appointment. Passat Energy has service centers operating throughout the country.