1. General

2.1. Sales and delivery conditions apply to all offers, order confirmations, sales and deliveries from the Passat Energy A / S, unless a written acceptance from the Passat Energy A / S is in place. Passat Energy A / S may, with immediate notice change the T & Cs.

2. Counseling

2.1. Passat Energy A / S  only advise within their own area of expertise, with the best knowledge of counseling at the given time, but this is in subject to change upon later acquired experience, which can lead to other solutions

2.2. Counseling takes place only on the basis of the information submitted which is not verified.

3. Offer and Acceptance

3.1. Only written offers are binding. Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of the offer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

3.2. All orders are confirmed in writing. It is upto the Customer to check the order confirmation and immediately notify of any flaws.

3.3. Passat Energy A / S has no responsibility for regulations of products in the recipient country, unless a written agreement exists.

4. prices

4.1. All prices are excluding VAT.

5. Payment terms

5.1. Payment must be made no later than the date noted on the invoice as the final due date. If such is not specified, payment must be paid in cash on delivery

5.2. If delivery is delayed due to circumstances of the purchaser, the purchaser - unless the seller in writing informed the purchaser otherwise -  is still obliged to make any payment to the seller as if the delivery had been made on time.

5.3. In case of late payment, Passat Energy A / S sets a fixed interest rate.

6. Retention of Title

6.1. Notwithstanding delivery or passage of risk in the merchandise, property of merchandise shall not pass to the buyer until full payment of all our claims against the buyer are met.

7. Delivery

7.1.D Delivery time is stated on the order confirmation / invoice

7.2. The delivery will be postponed if the buyer has not provided sufficient information to complete the sale, or if there are obstacles in compliance with part 12.

7.3. Delay in delivery shall be treated in accordance with the ordinary legal rules: the buyer is under no circumstances entitled to compensation.

7.4. If the buyer fails to receive or collect the goods, Passat Energy A / S can claim compensation.

8. Place of delivery and risk

8.1. Delivery is ex. Factory and the buyer bears the risk, of events that occur after delivery. This applies even if the seller is organizing transport costs.

8.2. Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser shall arrange for separate cost of transportinsurance etc.

9. Technical data

9.1. All information in brochures, catalogues, etc. In regards to construction, weight, dimension, performance, etc. Are only binding so far as the specification in question is agreed upon, directly between customer and seller.

9.2. Passat Energy A / S reserves the right without prior notice to continuously make design changes as Passat Energy A / S deems necessary.

10. Lack of Responsibility

The purchaser must examine the shipment upon receipt, to ensure that it is unimpaired and delivered in accordance with the order confirmation.
Complaint about missing parts or products, must be made immediately after receipt, or immediately after a defect has been discovered. If the buyer discovered or ought to have discovered the defect, and he does not advertise as indicated, he cannot at a later time, make the lack of applicable.
10.2. Passat Energy A / S deficiency responsibility for labor and material defects, sales of goods Act. Passat Energy A / S is only liable for defects if the buyer can prove that the purchased is impaired, and that the product is installed and used in accordance with the Passat Energy A / S regulations.

10.3. If in the period (according to 10.2) turns up defects or errors, as mentioned in 10.1. Passat Energy A/S is entitled to carry out remediation at our own workshop, at buyer's location, or issue a replacements. Cargo to and from Passat Energy A/S shall be held by the buyer.

10.4. If the buyer proves that repeated repair attempts have failed to address a shortage, you can cancel the purchase. Buyer shall not, except in cases of gross negligence by the Seller, be entitled to compensation or a reduction.

10.5. Seller shall in no event, nor by gross negligence, be held responsible for operational loss, loss of profit or indirect losses as a result of any defect in the delivered goods.

11. Return

11.1. Returns can only be made by prior agreement and according to applicable Return Material fee.

12. Product Liability

12.1. The seller is liable for product liability, in personal injury, in accordance with Danish law.
12.2. Passat Energy A / S is only liable for damage to personal property, if it is proved that the damage was due to errors or omissions of Passat Energy A / S and others who Passat Energy A / S is responsible for. Passat Energy A / S is under no circumstances liable for products manufactured by the purchaser, or products in which the devices provided by Passat Energy A / S is implicit in.

12.3. If in the period (according to 10.2) turns up defects or errors, as mentioned in 10.1. Passat Energy A/S is entitled to carry out remediation at our own workshop, at buyer's location, or issue a replacements. Cargo to and from Passat Energy A/S shall be held by the buyer.

12.4. Passat Energy A / S is not, under any circumstances, nor in case of gross negligence, to be liable for consequential loss, loss of time, loss of profit or indirect losses, as a result of similar product liability defect.

12.5. Although Passat Energy A/S in individual cases may waive the requirements and rights of the buyer, causes this not to Passat Energy a/s has waived such claims or rights in cases other than the tangible.

13. Force Majeure

13.1. Passat Energy A / S is entitled, by written notice to the buyer, to cancel the agreement when requirements, within a reasonable time, become impossible to comply with, due to force majeure. the same applies to delays or lack of supplies from a subcontractor. Passat Energy A / S assume, in these situations, no liability to the purchaser.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1. Any dispute between Passat Energy A / S and the buyer decided by Danish law.

14.2. Venue is home jurisdiction for Passat Energy A / S including the High Court, where the then-current rules for high court treatment are fulfilled.


15.1. Indicative translation of these sales and delivery terms in German, can be obtained from Passat Energy A / S. In case of discrepancies, the Danish version shall prevail.