Bioheat series


BioHeat - high performance and less maintenance
Save half your heating bill - while thinking about the environment!

Pioneering Danish technology within
CO2 neutral heating.

You can SAVE HALF of your heating bill by replacing your oil burner with a BioHeat and using biofuel - wood pellets.
Depending on your consumption, the BioHeat is paid back in 2 - 4 years.
Wood pellets are CO2 neutral, so no more CO2 is emitted by burning than the wood hat absorbed during the growing season.
This is CO2 that is released in any case. Whether you burn the tree or it goes into the wild does not matter to the environmental impact.
For example, you can use the wooden pellets. buy in handy 16-20 kg bags.
You can have them delivered at the door on pallets,
and if you order your wood pellets 2-3 times a year, they will not fill much more than your oil tank.
Having a biofuel stove has never been easier.
The BioHeat boiler ensures an efficient, environmentally friendly and economical combustion of biofuels.
The reason for this is the high efficiency of the boiler, low emission values and advanced control.
BioHeat is a Danish-produced biofuel boiler with automatic ignition and self-cleaning smoke pipes.

Summer and winter operations

The automatic ignition makes BioHeat suitable for operation during the summer period.
If there is no heat consumption, the boiler switches off and when the heat consumption returns, it switches on again.
Low heat consumption with low smoke temperature can lead to condensation and runoff in the chimney. This problem avoids BioHeat by reducing the convection part of the boiler so as to maintain a smoke temperature that does not condense as far as possible.

Bioheat har er højeffektivt brændkammer, hvor iltprocenten styres, så den mest optimale forbænding og den bedste virkningsgrad opnås. Den varme røg ledes gennem de selvrensende røgrør, hvor spiralsnoede turbulatorer sinker røgen nok til, at den afgiver sin varme til det vand, der omgiver rørene. Røgen ledes derfra ud i skorstenen, mens det varme vand sendes ud i varmesystemet.

Passat Bioheat

Effekt 19 kw.
Størrelse: 650 x 1360 x 1300 mm.
Pladsbehov: 1250 x 2000 x 2000 mm.
Vandindhold: 70 l.
Brændselsmagasin: 140 l/90 kg.
Askeskuffe: 12 l.
Røgrør diameter: 133 mm.
Elforbrug: 41-60 w.
Fremløbstemperatur: 65-90°C.
Prøvetryk/arbejdstryk: 4,5/3.
Minimum skorstensdiameter: Ø150 mm.
Godkendelse: DS/EN 303-5 Kedelkl. 5.
Vægt: 350 kg.