Groundbreaking, Danish technology in CO2-neutral heating.

BIOHEAT - high performance and less maintenance
Save 50 percent on your heating bill - and at the same time, care about the environment!


You can save up to half of your heating costs by changing your oil burner to a Bioheat and use wood pellets. Depending on your consumption, the Bioheat will be paid back within 2-4 years.

Wood pellets are CO2 -neutral which means that no more CO2 is derived when burned than the tree has absorbed during the growth period.

You can buy the wood pellets in handy 10-15 kilo sacks. You may have them delivered at your doorstep on pallets and if you order them 2-3 times a year, they take no more space than your oil tank.

BIOHEAT is connected to your existing heating system

It takes only slightly more space than your oil burner. The only thing you have to do is fill up your BioHeat with a sack of wood pellets and then empty the ash pan occasionally. The BioHeat “is telling” when the filling and the ash removal must take place.

The performance is adjusted to consumption

The BioHeat has a high-efficient combustion chamber where the oxygen percentage is controlled, so the most optimal combustion and the best efficiency are achieved. The hot smoke is passed through the self cleaning flues where the spiral turbulators slow down the smoke so that it releases its heat to the water that surrounds the flues. From there the smoke is discharged to the chimney while the hot water is passed on to the heating system. The BioHeat is provided with a feed box that contains wood pellets enough for ordinary use in some days. An auger automatically draws the right quantity of wood pellets from the magazine and drops them into the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber, the ash is simultaneously pushed into the ash pan, so the conditions are optimal all the time. The performance of the Bioheat is adapted to the actual consumption. In summer, where only a little heat is used, the BioHeat starts and stops automatically depending on the heat consumption. At low consumption, the Bioheat closes off a part of the flues in order to maintain a higher flue gas temperature. In this way, problems with condensation and soot are avoided.


BioHeat has a good and clear display. The system gives you information about inlet temperature, return temperature and flue gas temperature. You can read the operation mode and settings of the boiler – it is easy to change them. You can immediately see disruptions at the display in an easily understandable text.


Power 15-45 kw.
Size: 650 x 1360 x 1300 mm.
Space requirements: 1250 x 2000 x 2000 mm.
Water content: 70 l.
Fuel storage: 140 l / 90 kg.
Ash drawer: 12 l.
Flue pipe diameter: 130/133 mm (ext. Goal).
Electricity consumption: 41-60 w.
Flow temperature: 65-80 ° C.
Test pressure / working pressure: 4.5 / third
Minimum chimney diameter: 150 mm in diameter.
Approval: DS / EN 303-5 Kedelkl. Third
Weight: 350 kg.

Initiating Bioheat

Cleaning BIOHEAT