Wood pellet boiler

Heating with wood pellets is a cheap way to heat homes, and do not require much more work than oil furnaces. Modern wood pellet boilers are currently automated with regard to regulation, lighting and even self-cleaning. Even filling the pellets can be automated, and the new boiler has such high efficiency that the intervals between emptying is large.

Think about the location of pine and storage of wood pellets

Are you considering purchasing a wood pellet boiler think about the location of the boiler itself and the storage of wood pellets. Upon establishment, it must be taken into account that, the handling of the pellets should be as easy as possible and that the pellets are kept dry and clean. The pellets can become moist, they can at worst, jam the feeding device. In addition, impurities in the form of sand or dust or the likes, from the environment, can result in an improper combustion.

Wood pellet boilers for every need

Today there are many different types of wood pellet boilers on the Danish market, but overall we can distinguish between compact plants and as boilers with a loose stoker. The compact plant is boiler, storage magazine and stoker in one unit, and is available today with automatic refueling, it cleans itself and cycles on and off automatically.

If you have suitable boiler for wood pellets, you can also install a loose stoker boiler, which is as small and compact as an oil burner. A loose stoker solution with is the cheapest option, especially conjunction with an existing boiler and a do-it-yourself construction of the storage hopper, for the pellets. Compact systems are on the other hand more expensive, but are usually more efficient, depending on the plant. It requires little to virtually no work with the filling of pellets or cleaning and emptying the ash.