About Passat Energy A/S

For over 50 years we have offered our products both in Denmark and abroad. We have found that our customers' satisfaction not only due to good products, but equally the counseling service and the commitment that they have experienced when they have been in contact with us. For many years we have built up an extensive knowledge and experience in biofuels, heating needs, system solutions, both the products work. So we know what it takes to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Much of this knowledge we have gained through the many tasks we have solved in close cooperation with customers and installers. A knowledge that is constantly developed.

Pellet to the whole world

Results do not come by itself to be an effort to. It by all our employees. They are committed to our customers and emphasize our values: trust - quality - know-how - people and commitment.

With a wide product range and fast delivery, we can promise you a first class logistics. Proven procedures for orders, our internal warehouse management and transportation choices ensures optimal supplies.

A collaboration with the Passat Energy A / S offers many opportunities, product selection, advice, services and trade form.