Atmos DP Series

The Atmos DP boiler, is a solid and robust boiler solution for wood pellets. The Wood pellet boiler is built up with a loose pellet burner which can be placed on either the right or the left side. The pellet burner is supplied with wood pellets from the hopper by means of an Auger. The Atmos boiler can as a default be delivered with 250 L and 500 L silo.

Atmos 25 pellet burner will (when there is a need for heat) automatically feed the pellets into the burner, and turn on, and go back to standby, when it is no longer needed

Filling the hopper, cleaning of the fuel chamber and ash removal must be carried out every 1-14 days, depending on pellet quality. The boiler can be equipped with a automatic ash removal system, which will result in less maintenance.

Atmos DC Series

Atmos Boilers
Atmos is a gasifier boiler with a very high efficiency of over 90%.

The boiler is constructed with two chambers
The wood is placed in the upper Chamber, while the combustion of gases occurs in the lower ceramic combustion chamber.

The boiler is constructed in iron plate with doors in castings. Insulation is carried out with mineral wool, and the exterior boiler is covered with grey cover plates.

The boiler combustion is controlled by a regulator that automatically opens and closes after the desired boiler temperature, as well as a thermostat-controlled flue gas, which automatically stopped after burnout of the the fuel. In addition, the boiler is equipped with a thermostat for controlling the pump storage tank.

Can be linked directly to the existing central heating system
The Atmos boiler is approved by the Labour Inspectorate for installation with a pressure expansion. This allows it to connect the boiler to the existing central heating systems. In addition, a new installation is often easier and cheaper.

Atmos boilers must be connected to the accumulation tank and supplied with boiler shunt. For this purpose we recommend Laddomat 21 system.

Information about Atmos DP and DC

Brochure for Atmos DP (Danish Only)
Brochure for Atmos DC (Danish Only)

Atmos DP
– Performance from 4-24 kw+
– High comfort
– High efficiency 90% – 93%
The boiler is approved in accordance with EN303-5 class 3
– Can use pellets in size 6 and 8 mm.
The boiler can be fitted with a pressure-expansion
Automatic ignition

Atmos DC
– Performance from 19-50 kW
Supplied with a temperature controlled flue gas suction cleaner
Large firebox fewer burnings per day
Preheating of primary and secondary air – provides high efficiency
Small size and weight in relation to the performance
Possibility for installation with push expansion